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Ch. 2 Science Vocabulary.

Students should know the vocabulary words and their meaning from Ch.2 Science.


Ms. Halteh

Language Arts


  • Students have been learning about the R.A.C.E method in reading.
  • Marking the text.
  • Q.H.T.
  • Begun reading Unit 1 in our SpringBoard book.
  • Unit 1 is in relation to change.
    • Students will study internal and external change.
    • Character traits
    • and much more

Book Report:

  • Our Book Report topic is Biography or Autobiography.
  • Students have checked out books 2 weeks ago and should be working on their cereal box book report, Due 11/13/17.


  • Students have been working hard throughout the month of October, and will continue to work through November on narratives.
  • Students have been working hard  in wiriting using sensory & descriptive detail.
  • Students have learned about vivid verbs and are also implementing them within their writing.
  • Students will begin study on narrative writing (Narratives: personal, descriptives, etc.)
  • Stundents wll be working on Embedded Assessment 1, from Springboard Unit 1 this week.

Novel Study:


  • Our novel study has started, tying in the theme of "change".  The book we have begun reading is Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.
  • We will wrap up August's perspective and begin Via's perspective this week.





We have begun our study of Chapter 3 in CPM. 

Students will learn the following:

  • Use a powerful new tool for finding equivalent fractions.
  • Use percents, decimals, and fractions to describe a portion of a whole.
  • Represent portions at percents, decimals, and fractions with pictures, symbols, and words.
  • Find the decimal form of a number when it is given as a percent or fraction.
  • Connect ratios to portions as a way to represent comparisons of parts.
  • Add positive and negative integers and rational numbers.
  • Find the absolute value of a number.
  • Find the length of horizontal and verical line segments on a coordinate plane.

UPDATE:  Student will have Ch. 3 Test this Friday, 11/17/17.  Study Guides were given last week.

  • We will not finish ch. 3 before our break.  
  • However, the test will cover what we have studied.  
  • Students should expect a quiz on concepts we review and learn in the latter part of chapter 3, and weren't tested on when we return from break.
    • The quiz will take place 1-2 weeks from our return.



We have been reading Chapter 2 of our Earth Science book:


Students have been learning about:

  • Tools and measurements
  • Models in science
  • Mapping Earth's Surface
  • Maps in Earth Science

Labs done in class will be in relation to:

  • Tools in science
  • Physical Model
  • and Topography

UPDATE:  Ch. 2 Test Tuesday, 11/14/17.


We will move on to our study of Matter.


What's for Lunch?

Please click on the link below for the Winter Lunch Menu.

San Jose Public Library Homework Help Links


Note: You will need your SJPL library card & pin to access the links.

Cold Weather:

Please keep in mind as the weather is starting to cool: 

  • Remind your son/daughter to wear layers to school
  • Mornings have begun to get cold.
  • Afternoons have been warm.
  • No matter the weather, hydration is important.


Reading Logs

All students have their Accelerated Reader ® reading level and range.

Students also have their personal AR reading points goal.

It is important for students to read on a daily basis for 30 minutes.

If students meet their personal goal each month by meeting the following criteria, they will be greatly rewarded:

  1. Students MUST READ AND PASS their AR test, by reading books within their range.
  2. IF students meet their point goal each month, they will get 1 Homework Pass.
  3. The Homework Pass is good for 1 night of regular homework from our class only.

***This DOES NOT APPLY to presentations, band, projects, final drafts of writing assignments or reports.

  1. If students reach each night and their reading log is signed by parent/guardian, student will receive a Book It, personal pizza reward from Pizza Hut (available October-March).
  2. Reading logs will be checked at the end of each week.